Strategic Planning

Many organizations struggle to meet their own expectations for growth. Assuming the leadership team is knowledgeable about their business and work hard, for some reason, things aren’t clicking. Perhaps teams are not working together, inefficiencies are occuring, profitability is lagging, and any progress seems to be undone by multiple setbacks. Here are some of the blind spots that could be holding you back:

  • No proven plan for success
  • Stagnated sales of the company
  • Lack of engagement
  • Wrong leadership or individuals in the wrong seat
  • Poor communication
  • Leadership team not aligned around common goals
  • Inconsistent culture
  • Mission, vision, core values not defined or well communicated
  • Lack of well defined, written, processes

The solutions to these issues can be complex, are often inter-related, and often require difficult decisions. 

Services Include:

Despite the challenges you may be experiencing, Verity can help by conducting an evaluation of your organizations strengths and weaknesses to determine a productive path forward. Outcomes may include:

  • Evaluating the status quo of the organization
  • Assessment of the leadership team
  • Creating alignment for leadership
  • Strategic Planning retreat facilitation to establish short and long-term goals
  • Identify major issues the organization needs to have addressed
  • Developing/clarifying the mission, vision & core values
  • Establishing short and long range goals
  • Tracking results
  • Developing collateral documentation